Aargh, My Painting Fell Off Again

by Yewande Olamiju

If a nail isn’t hammered in properly into the wall, whatever we hang on it comes falling down like Humpty Dumpty. Big loss if it’s a painting worth half a million dollars. Bigger loss if it’s the word of God we heard but didn’t understand and lose to the birds of the air, the wicked one (Matt 13:19).

The parable of the sower tells of sown seed that fell where there wasn’t enough dirt, sown seed that fell among thorns, sown seed that fell by the wayside; only a few fell in good soil and brought forth fruit. (Matt 13:1-9, 18-23).  

For a long time in my life the word I heard in church on Sunday and was blessed by I couldn’t remember by mid-morning the next day. To put it mildly, this was a miserable and frustrating time in my life. My loss during this time was great. It wasn’t until I heard about the principle of meditating on the Scriptures that God delivered me from being a forgetful hearer. Meditating on God’s word is a way of ensuring that God’s word takes root in our hearts. It’s a way of ensuring that a nail is properly drilled in the wall, so that what we hang on the nail doesn’t fall off.

The scriptures describe forgetful hearers as people who hear God’s word yet don’t do the will of God in their lives (James 1:23-25). People who are short sighted, with no long term vision, people whose fruit don’t last even though Jesus Himself prayed that their fruit may remain (John 15:16)   We must agree with what God has said for His word to be a reality in our lives. This is not a mental assent. It’s faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God (Rom 10:17). It’s receving a word from God that changes our situation. Receiving the word of God that changes the whole equation. We can only attain this by staying in God’s presence, meditating on His word until the entrance of His word into our hearts gives light and understanding.

The scriptures speak of writing on the table of our hearts (Prov 7:3) and our tongue being the pen of a ready writer. Write God’s word on your heart as you meditate on it. Speak the word of God over and over again to yourself as a wine connoisiuer attending a wine tasting event wants to get all the bursting flavours on his taste buds. Draw deeply from the word of God.

A practical way to get the word firmly rooted in our hearts and not just our memory is to prayerfully repeat the word to yourself. Listen to sermons tapes over and over again, read sermon notes over and over and do this prayerfully. Use your time in traffic to listen to tapes or review your sunday schoolnotes if you’re not driving.


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