by Miss Mo

Imagine this, you have a very good friend and you live in the same neighbourhood but you really never get to see each other but you talk almost every morning and sometimes at night, there’s a public holiday and your friend decides to visit you. You are beyond excited; you imagine catching up on details and sharing pleasantries for the entire day. Your friend arrives and after exchanging pleasantries, s/he keeps quiet, you try to say a few things to get a conversation going but s/he is too focused on his/her tab or blackberry or iPhone and only calls on you when something is going wrong. Eventually s/he leaves to go home and the entire time you are quietly wondering what is going on.

After a few hours, you receive a call from your friend, you are probably thinking ‘oh, s/he wants me to know s/he is home safely,’ and as you pick up your phone, your friend starts by telling you s/he is home and then says, ‘oh there’s so much I want to tell you’ and starts rambling on. What would you think of such a friend? I’m thinking – are you crazy? You just spent the entire day with me and you were too busy to talk to me, all of a sudden you are ready to talk.

All I can say is, Thank God He is God and not a man. But think on this scenario for a moment, isn’t this what we do with God? We exchange pleasantries in the morning and then at 2am because religion has thought us that witches and wizards operate at night, we wake up and start rambling to God and giving Him requests/strategies on how to bind and loose witches and wizards and tell Him all the things we refused to discuss with Him through the day.

We need to de-religionalise (that’s a made up word) prayer. It’s not something we only do in the morning or at night or in the middle of the night. It’s a constant communication between you and God and as religion has often thought us to believe, it’s usually not spoken out loud.

It’s the silent ‘thank You Lord’ offered from a grateful heart; the ‘Lord take control’ from a trouble mind; the ‘Jesus, I love You’ offered from a joyful spirit and it’s the intercessory ‘Lord, keep my loved ones safe wherever they are’ offered from a concerned mind. That’s prayer – constant and passionate – not necessarily and no offense intended, the shouting and vibrations and vain repetitions we see and are often asked to display. Don’t get me wrong, there are  times we pray out loud, there are times vibrations will come and there are times we will find that our prayers are longer than we intend but in those times what happens is that we start to pray and the Holy Spirit takes over and I think we know the difference when this happens and when we are just forcing it.

So the next time you wake and are tempted to just exchange pleasantries with God, stop and remember that God loves you (that kind of can’t-stop-thinking-about-you-love you have for your partner, it’s that kind of love multiplied by infinity) and that means He is interested in every detail of your life, so exchange pleasantries but remember to talk to Him throughout the day, you’ll find that you have better days because you’ll find that your heavenly Father won’t miss one detail of what you need for that day.


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