The Law of Confession

by Omolola Oriogun

I’ve come to realise that confessing the word of GOD in situations most times works, more than anything else. Sometime ago I was diagnosed to have acute ulcer, a blown kidney, massive fibroid and different other ailments. I remember vividly that when the Doctor told my Mom and I all those things that we both rejected it vehemently. It’s not because I wasn’t in pains but I believed GOD’s report rather than Doctor’s report.

You may wonder did I really have all the Doctor said I had. Yes, I had them but I remembered the word of the LORD that said by HIS stripes, I have been healed  (Isa. 53:5, 1 Pet. 2:24).   I confessed the word of the LORD concerning my health over and over again until it registered into my subconscious mind and healing started to take place. I ran several medical tests after about 6 months of confession and to the glory of GOD, no trace of any of the ailments.

If we are to walk in the supernatural then we must learn the spiritual laws which govern Kingdom principles. The Law of Confession is the mystery which reveals manifestation. I’m not referring to confession of sin, but truth that is released through the spoken word with faith.

Confession in this text means to speak your promises from GOD, e.g. Philippians 4:13, 19; Psa. 3:8; Psa 23:1-6; Psa 91:1-16; Psa 121:1-8; etc. GOD’s promises are from Genesis to Revelation, claim them by confessing them into your life and situations.

Now we know that if we break natural laws there are consequences. For instance, if we disobey electrical laws by sticking our finger into a live socket, we will experience a painful shock. The spiritual laws work the same way, in that there are certain outcomes or consequences if we break them. Those consequences show up in: no results with our prayer life, no financial manifestation, no anointing by the Holy Spirit, no metaphysical power evidence that changes our circumstances.

Let’s take a look at Joshua 1:8 and see how the law of confession works for and with people. Moses selected 12 men to go and spy out the promised land to see just what it was going to take to possess it (Numbers 13:27-32).  Well, the men came back with a negative report and said it was a mountain to overcome with armed giants (the Anaks), and there was no way they could overtake them.

This is a prime example of looking at the natural law. But, Joshua said, “I will possess that which GOD has given unto us.” Joshua allowed the possession of the Promise Land to become GOD’s battle and not through his own strength. Joshua understood the law of confession. He walked out the truth of that Kingdom principle and he brought the walls of Jericho down. He led the people into taking possession of the promises.

The law of confession is still the same today and that’s why we have Christians perishing who will never possess the promised land. We are living in a period of famine, wars and rumors of war. GOD is gathering the Jews back to Israel from the four corners of the earth. A spiritual shifting is occurring in the body of CHRIST at the same time; to separate the wheat from the tares, to light up the remnant for the lost to clearly see.

He who has ears, let him hear with a spiritual ear. There are powerful forces of the spirit world at work in this earth and powerful forces of darkness that try to counteract what is to come. It is a clash between a negative energy and a positive energy. Darkness can not overcome light, but you’ve got to be covered in the blood of Jesus to be walking in the new covenant with CHRIST.

JESUS gives us everything we need to know about how HIS Kingdom operates in the gospels by HIS own words. Now, if you don’t understand who you are in the Kingdom then when the devil comes, and he will, he is going to overtake you.

Take a look at what spiritual forces were at work when Isaac possessed the land during famine. Isaac understood seed principle. And as he dug wells and water began to flow, King Abimelech and the Philistines said, go from here before your GOD overtakes us. Isaac kept moving until he had peace all around him before he settled down (Gen.26:15-25).   One simply has to listen to how Christians talk to know the reason why some are perishing – it  is lack of speaking with a belief of who we are in CHRIST and a lack of understanding of what works JESUS accomplished on the cross for us.  We know our promises and Kingdom inheritance but we’re not speaking it into our lives. We still see in many churches a form of Godliness but no belief in its power.

When Joshua said, we are going forward and we are bringing the covenant back, things changed; blessings and protection followed them. They positioned themselves before trying to take the promises.

He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust (Psalm 91:1-2).

Most people think King David wrote this Psalm but biblical research shows that Moses did after their victory.

The word of GOD works, key your faith into JESUS’ own, confess the word of GOD upon your situations until you see the results. Start speaking health and prosperity into your life and you’ll see it come to pass.

Confess GOD’s word always!!!


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