We Believe in Pastors more than we believe in God!

by Miss Mo

My South African sister after watching the famous “power enter” video that came out December 2011, documenting a pastor having intercourse with a married woman in the name of miracles said to me, “but Mo, why do we believe in pastors more than we believe in God?” For me, it was absurd because I wondered how in the world anyone could lure me into such a situation no matter the how bad the circumstances are, that’s one of the reasons God gave us knees I believe. Fast forward a few months, the Coza scandal and the recent story of a man in America who shot a pastor for sleeping with the killer’s wife and impregnating the killer’s daughter and many more that can’t be mentioned  here. Begs the question, how do people even get into these situations?

Pastors, people we hold in high esteem, the ones with great authority, God’s own right hand men as we see them; have in recent times become subjects of ridicule and epitome of the worst kinds of sins that could be found in man – kind. We wonder why and how these “men of God” are still in action, why God has not smitten them yet and wonder how people still fall prey to the tricks of wicked men using the Lord’s name as a cover. It’s because we believe in pastors more than we believe in God.

We have become too lazy to pray and too busy to wait. Surely, God has taken too long to answer my prayers concerning having a child so why not see my pastor who is known for working great miracles. We idolise our men of God. Why would I not go to my pastor’s hotel room when he is in town for a ministration, who knows, maybe he’ll minister to me and that might even get me closer with God. We’ve turned our pastors into soothsayers and fortune tellers, only interested in what they say when it concerns good fortune. We visit them and ask them to pray for us and after praying we ask them what they have heard on our behalf as though we are deaf and dumb and so need their services to communicate with God.

WAKE UP! God is YOUR GOD, not the God of your pastor alone but YOURS! He so longs to be a part of your life but you keep running to a human being who is also trying to work out his salvation to solve your problems when you have an ALL-knowing God at your beck and call. And then we ridicule and blame our HUMAN pastors when they fall mostly because of the undue pressure we put on them with our accolades, constant idolization and unending requests.

Here’s the bottom line: Take a page from Hannah, no man can know how much you are hurting except you and only you can passionately express those intimate things to God so much so that like Hannah, people will see you and think you are crazy. We all need to get to that point where we decide to know God as OUR God, to understand the dynamics of the relationship we can have with him as Saviour, Lord, Father, Friend and Lover. It’s an amazing experience and it’s meant for each and every one of us. Yes, there are times when we need others to hold us up in prayers, when we are too hurt to express ourselves but let’s not make it such a regular occurrence that we become lazy and start to believe more in mere dust than we do in the almighty creator. Start believing in God’s love for you, God is speaking love all around us, we just need to listen.


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