JESUS, our Comforter

by Omolola Oriogun

It was 23:04pm Sunday night and I was already tucked in bed, I whispered some words of prayer, thanking GOD for the whole day. While I was praying, my thoughts ran through the whole day, “went to church; went for my girlfriend’s engagement party that same day, had a wonderful time out with my family when we had dinner together, watched some comedies, and then, going to bed,” therefore, I was praying with a very big smile.

My phone beeped while praying immediately I was through, I picked it to read the message that came in – it read, “I’m sorry but it’s over!!!” I closed the message and opened it again to be sure I saw what I saw, unfortunately, it was still there!

I was so confused, thoughts ran through my mind, a few hours ago, he still told me “I love you and I responded with I love you too”. Questions ran through my mind: “what could have gone wrong? What did I do to make him say this? Did I say something bad or shouted at him when we spoke? Did someone lie against me? What exactly?…”

I could not get answers to my questions, so I picked up my phone to call him but heard the machine say, “the number you have dialled is currently switched off, please try again later.” Right there and then, tears started streaming down my face uncontrollably. I felt so lonely, I couldn’t even feel GOD close.

I felt so lonely I could not sleep, so angry I felt like seeing GOD’s face and asking HIM why? I wept till my pillows got soaked, remembering the family introduction was just a few weeks away; registry, traditional wedding ceremony and the church wedding were also just a few months away. But in the midst of it all, this scripture kept ringing in my heart, 2 Cor. 12:9a which says “And HE said unto me, My grace is sufficient for you: for My strength is made perfect in weakness.”

Instantly, my mind thought about that scripture and then I realised that the Holy Spirit was right there on my bed with me; in my pain, tears and heart ache, HE was with me. I realised even though I was angry with HIM, HE stayed close, closer than I could ever imagined.

Friends, it’s painful but just know and take cognisance that CHRIST is the answer to sorrow. In sorrow, there are three courses open to man: “He may give way to despair and become bitter; He may endeavour to drown his sorrow in drink or in a life of wickedness; Or better still, he may turn to GOD.”

In your sorrow, despair and pain, turn to GOD. There are thousands of people who have turned to GOD, and they are better off today. Don’t turn to GOD with your sorrow and still hold on to it, GOD begs of you to “Cast all your cares on HIM, for HE cares for you;  Come unto Me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest…” ( 1 Peter 5:7; Matt. 11:28).

As a child of GOD, you must go through the valley of the shadow of death because JESUS did (Isa. 53:1-12). With GOD’s purpose in your life, you may have to say goodbye to those whom you have loved, you may suffer privation and misery, you probably may be unjustly persecuted for righteousness’ sake. But take heart, take courage because our CHRIST is more than adequate for any sorrow we may be going through.

JESUS is our divine Comforter, HE understands our pain and sorrow, HE sees and knows the sufferings we are experiencing. If you have not forgotten, JESUS also learned obedience by the things HE suffered (Heb. 5:8). Therefore, don’t give up in your sorrow, pain or suffering because JESUS is there in it with you.

Stay blessed in CHRIST JESUS our Comforter!!!


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