He knows my name…Letter to a wearied soul

by Miss Mo

Dear child,

I was thinking about what you said today regarding being tired of the trials – that’s normal my love and only someone who is inhuman will tell you cannot get tired. Even I, your father got tired but the key my dear is not to stay in that state of self pity (Luke 22:42).

When situations come like that, you need to look within and find out what is wearing you and put it beside what I, your heavenly father has done for you; when you do this you see that there is really no reason to be unhappy or to worry. Think of all the people who are hoping to have just a tenth of what you have, when you take this perspective, you will be motivated to thank God for his faithfulness and to stay committed to trusting him.

It’s in times of hardship or tribulation that you find out the fruit that you are bearing for Christ, it’s time to check yourself. In church today, I heard the pastor preach about considering or reconsidering your ways. She gave you examples from (Mark 3:13 and up; 2Kings 4:17 and up; 1Kings 3:13). The separate stories of two women who at some point found themselves with dead children, both of them could have could wailing and crying and accepted the dead children.  One woman considered that the child was not hers and took the matter to the king. The other laid the child down, told her husband all was well, and went to see the man of God. How often do you do that with challenges that you face, do you bring them to me or take them to fellow humans who are also seeking my face?

Life and death are in the power of the tongue; when you find yourself in troubled times, you need to reconsider, speak My word to the situation, bring it to Me. Make sure you don’t wail and cry about things or wallow in self-pity because by wailing and crying you’ve automatically accepted what those situations are telling you.

I heard you when you said that it feels like I can’t hear your prayers but my child, have you ever thought that you’re the one not listening to Me.

In times of tribulations you often think of yourself but these are times when you need to reach out in love to other people. When last did you pray for a loved one, give money to a little child on the street? Sometimes these tribulations come to bring you out of your selfishness, to remind you that you are not created to live in self-centeredness but to walk in love as Christ did.

Take this time to embrace God’s mercy and His grace and strength to move forward in His love. You have no reason to be weary because I know your name and My grace is sufficient for you….


1 thought on “He knows my name…Letter to a wearied soul

  1. it’s the disappointment experienced that hurts… guess.. we should hold unto his word and not rely on ourself cos the strength of man will fail us.

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