Conviction or Condemnation

By Miss Mo

For the past few month, I had been hearing some messages from church that have really been hammering on the soon coming of Jesus Christ and even the news just piles on the impending doom of the end. This impending doom and the messages from children of God that I had been hearing really started to point out my errors to me and I was in a conundrum, I was wondering why the word of God was coming to me when it seemed as though there was so little time to make the changes I needed to make so I asked God why His word was coming to me if He knew the time was so near, was it just to condemn me? And if I was going to hell anyway, would it not be better for me if I “quit while I was ahead”? I mean, why not keep sinning if I have already missed the mark? Thoughts floated in my mind for weeks.

 Revelation from the dictionary


a:  the act of convincing a person of error or of compelling the admission of a truth

b:  the state of being convinced of error or compelled to admit the truth


a:  to pronounce guilty :  convict

b:  sentence, doom<condemn a prisoner to die>

From the definitions we can see that conviction is supposed to lead to condemnation. But with God, this is not the case. Once a person is condemned, that’s it for them.

Fast-forward to one Sunday school morning, we were discussing about Jeroboam, the old prophet and the young prophet and it was mentioned that Jeroboam did not know the word of God, that was why he did not repent.  I disagreed with this because I could relate with Jeroboam, we were in the same shoes. The word of God had come but he wasn’t so sure if there would be time to repent. He had taken the children of God away from where God commanded them to worship, he had built graven images, burnt incense on the altar which he was not supposed to do (you can find the story in 1 Kings 13, but for more information, read from chapters 11 – 15). He had wandered far off from being the person God gave his beloved kingdom to and didn’t really know if there was time to make amends. The truth is that we all feel this way when the word of God comes to meet us. We can see this play over and over in the book of Jeremiah 2:25; 3:25 and hopelessness seemed to reign. The truth is that when the word of God comes to us even in condemnation as seen in Jeremiah and the book of Jonah, it is always because God loves us and there is still time for us to come back to Him (Heb 12:6, Prov 3:12; Rev 3:19) But we must be willing to understand where we went wrong and not go back to it. It’s often saddening when you know you’ve missed it , but do not wallow in self-pity, ask God for mercy and Grace to repent. The thing is that when condemnation/judgment has really come, it just appears, there are no warnings like with Sodom and Gomorrah in the Book of Genesis or when the children of Israel sinned in the wilderness as found in the Book of Exodus.

Bottom line: When the word of God is revealed to you, it’s because He loves you and wants you to work on it by submitting it to Him and receiving His strength to make the necessary change. So don’t ever let the devil lie to you that you are being condemned and even when those thoughts come, remind yourself that it’s his love that is disciplining to bring you a step closer to perfection in him! It’s always conviction and not condemnation.


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