Disciples or Fans?!!!

by Omolola Oriogun

It has always been a thing of wonder to me every time I have a discussion with the so-called ‘Arsenal fans’ on what they see in Arsenal that makes them keep their support and loyalty for a club that has not given them a trophy in 10 years. Their responses always amaze me because you’ll hear answers like: “Wenger is a great manager; He has helped the club to be a rich club;  He doesn’t waste money on players only to end up in debt even if they won a trophy worth millions of dollars; etc.

I believe Arsenal has the best of fans among all football clubs. Even though Arsenal hasn’t made their fans proud for the last 10 years by winning a trophy, their fans have never deserted them  – and so I concluded that they are not just fans but disciples.

This brought me to JESUS, HIS Disciple and HIS fans. I was going through the Bible, John 6 to be precise, and there I was able to decipher two sets of people – true disciples and fans who presented themselves as disciples.

Let’s go together through John 6 and see the disciples and the fans of CHRIST. In John 6:1-13, JESUS did the first miracle of the day when HE fed about 5,000 men with 5 loaves of bread and 2 small fishes miraculously. Of course, trust humans to want such a miracle worker to be their leader so they could always have free meals just like we see in verses 14-15.

Let’s fast forward to verse 24, when the people realised JESUS and HIS disciples had left Galilee to Capernaum, the people followed after them. From that time, JESUS began to expose the real intent of their hearts and what GOD expected of them.

In verses 35-38, JESUS began to reveal HIMSELF to the people, including HIS disciples. By the time HE was done speaking, many were offended at HIM. They began to murmur among themselves and saw all JESUS said as “hard sayings.” When HIS disciples murmured among themselves too, JESUS asked them “Doth this offend you?”

From verse 66, many of the ‘disciples’ (which were actually fans) went away because they were offended at HIS sayings and JESUS had to ask HIS disciples too (which are the real ones) in verse 67, “will ye also go away?” JESUS asked this question because HE was separating between “disciples and fans” and wanted HIS real disciples be shown to the entire world.

Of course JESUS was correct because in verses 67-71, Simon Peter answered on behalf of the remaining eleven (11) that they’ll follow JESUS till the end. JESUS quickly corrected their notion of believing that they were all HIS disciples. HE made them understand that one of them was a devil who would betray HIM at the end.

All these JESUS did so that we as HIS children can know whether we are HIS disciples indeed or fans. I’ve come to discover that many of us Christians are more of fans than disciples. When things don’t go the way we want, we either get angry with GOD or do it our own way.

A true disciple of CHRIST goes through the fire GOD puts him/her in, whether he/she sees GOD there or not. If you easily get angry with GOD because of anything you find difficult to get solution to, just know that “you are a fan and not a disciple.”

Beloved, don’t be a Fan, be a Disciple!!!


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