Put God first He’ll put you first. Put Him second, He’ll put you last.

I heard these words in a service in church and have never been able to forget them. I was expecting that the end of the sentence would read put Him second He’ll put you second. But after some bible study I realised that if I didn’t give God first place in my life, then things would quickly unravel and I’ll end up flat on my face. If God is not on the throne of my heart and first in my life then whoever or whatever was the usurper, seating in God’s place would keep me separated from God. Continue reading


You’re Always Welcome

by Yewande Olamiju

Your presence a refuge for me, where I am always welcome. Your arms are a resting place where can I always go. Your Spirit is calling me and I answer willingly. The door to You is open wide and I am always welcome…..You draw me in to where You are and I am always welcome – Mary Alessi

The words always welcome bring Continue reading